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Our Story

Hello everyone calls me Marie I grew up in New York. I started getting into hair extensions around the age of 14. I remember going to the coliseum to buy cheap hair bundles to make my own clip in hair extensions myself, I would buy the hair bundles with a needle and thread and sew my hair extensions and clips together by hand. I was doing this for years until I got tired of pricking my fingers and i got exhausted making my own hair extensions every 4 months because the cheap hair didn’t last long .

Lets forward to Years later when I had a special event to go to with my fiancé, which was the marine Corps ball. At the time money was tight, we went to different stores trying to find hair extensions for a affordable price, only to find I was stuck in the same situation I was in before. I was better off saving my money to try a high end brand. My fiancé ended up buying me the higher end hair extensions which only to find that my 280$ extensions came in a plastic bag and it was horrible,  thick at the top but thin at the bottom , and the hair extensions constantly shedded, it only lasted me 3 months!  I felt so dissappointed I wanted to cry. After that experience I didn't want to give up so easily so i started looking into other hair extension companies and gave them all a try one by one, only to find out it was the same disappointment one after another. 

After a few years of wasting a lot of time and money I really had enough! I set off on a journey to find the very best remy hair on the market at an affordable price,  that came thick from top to bottom, that was soft, and came with not 6 wefts but 10. I was also driven to find the very best packaging, i felt why go out and spend 280$ only to get your hair in a plastic bag! I feel we as women are worth more then that! I felt like why would I go to work and work 40 hours a week to get a pair of extensions only to feel like I just wasted my pay check. I wanted to feel special and my goal is to make others feel special. So I came up with my own unique way giving us women more for our hard earned money, by giving not only the top of the line hair extensions but giving us women luxurious packaging and the experience to go with it.

Our goal at lavishly she is is for every woman to feel special when they receive our hair extensions in the mail. The feeling of being appreciated as a valued customer no matter what price you pay for your hair extensions. We are dedicated to always looking for the very best hair on the market and we will continue to look for the very best to bring to our customers . I don’t want you to feel the way that I felt for many years . My goal is to make my story the thing of the past and look to the future where all of us women are appreciated.